Reducing Makeup Clutter With Z-Palettes

September 29, 2016

I love to organize, declutter, and save space. Recently, I realized that it brings me a sense of peace and relaxation. Am I weird or just getting old?

As I mentioned in my Makeup Geek review, I really had no clue what  Z-palettes were until I started researching buying individual eye shadow pans. I was also clueless when it came to de-potting makeup pans from their original packaging. These palettes have helped me declutter my makeup collection, they save space, and they allow me to see what I own all in one place.

What are Z-palettes and how do they work?

A Z-palette comes magnetized and are available in different sizes (the range goes from mini all the way to extra large and double-sided). The package you receive also comes with a set of peel-and-stick magnets that you can put on the back of any other products you might want to add to your palette (some pans are magnets already but some are not). The clear window on top let’s see what’s inside but it is sturdy enough to not get crushed.

As far as de-potting, some items are easier to de-pot than others. Some pans pop out of their packaging without much struggle, but some are stuck in there with what feels like industrial strength glue. There are kits specifically dedicated to de-potting and plenty of tips and tricks on the Interwebs. I won’t get into that here, since my experience with it is limited. But I have de-potted some of my shadows and blushes from other packaging that was bulky and taking up too much space.


Knowing What You Have

The biggest benefit of a Z-palette for me, so far, has been having multiple products in front me at one time. I have one large palette with all my Makeup Geek shadows and another large one with blushes and bronzer. When everything is in separate containers, not only does it take up more space, but it’s more likely that it will get pushed to the bottom of your pile and you might forget you even own that product all together. With a Z-palette, everything is right there, giving you the ability to mix and match different colors and get a good amount of use out of each product. I also keep a small palette for traveling or I will use the large one and swap out the shadows and keep a blush and a bronzer so everything I need is in one palette.

How do you use Z-palettes? Or do you have any other ideas about decluttering? Let me know in the comments!

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