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Thank you for stopping by! My name is Kelliann and I am from Staten Island, New York. I work as a copy editor in downtown Manhattan and I’d like to think of this as my creative outlet. I love to write and create–I am inspired by any number of things I see and experience each and every day. Whether I am commuting to work (for which I used three modes of transportation) or I am trying a new recipe or failing at using a new beauty product, I like to share those experiences in a truthful, but funny and interesting way.

There are so many social media accounts, blogs, and Pinterest boards out there that can seriously make you feel inadequate on so many levels. As a (late) 20-something woman living, working, and taking life as it comes, I want to share my experiences the only way I know how–through my writing and creativity. I only know how to be myself and I hope that maybe I can help and encourage you to do the same, accept that you are doing the best you can and live your own life, and maybe laugh at yourself a little bit.  Because who cares if your brie and pastry dough appetizer doesn’t look like the picture or you can’t even tell that you did any contouring to your face. Just be yourself, everything else will fall into place.

So enjoy and look around. Let me know what you think!

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