Easy DIY Holiday Wreath

November 12, 2016

Have you gone shopping for holiday decorations recently? Ever notice how expensive certain items are? I saw a wreath (well, a lot of wreaths) in the store and I knew I could make it myself. Even better, I knew I could customize it to my own taste. If you’ve felt intimidated by the task, it really doesn’t need to be difficult. Here is how I made my own wreath using items I found at Michael’s and Christmas Tree Shoppe.

Here’s what I purchased

  • Plain wreath ($3.99 for medium size, Christmas Tree Shoppe)
  • 5 Ft. Berry garland ($12.99 , Michaels)
  • Candy cane decoration ($5.99, Michaels)
  • 4 pine cone decorations($1.49-$1.99, Michaels)
  • I already had a hot glue gun, but you can also find this at Michaels or any craft store.


P.S. Michaels is always having sales. These decorative pieces were already 20% or 30% off and I was able to use a 20% off your whole purchase coupon. I recommend downloading the Michaels app and the latest coupons will always available for you. You can pick whichever colors or decorations you like, they always have a ton of small items to choose from. Sometimes you just have to search for them, but they are really inexpensive and more fun then spending $40-$50 on something already made.

Putting it all together

First I had to unravel all the branches of the wreath, but it didn’t take too long and you can rearrange them as you go to fill in sparse areas. Then I wrapped the berry garland around and through the wreath. The material is flexible so you can mold it around the wreath and tuck in the ends. Where the two ends meet, I made this the bottom of the wreath and you can hide the ends with the branches and added decorations (You can also use ribbon to wrap around the wreath instead of or underneath the garland).

Next, before you start gluing, arrange the other decorations where you want to place them on the wreath. For mine, I found one pine cone piece and one with a bird. I decided to put those on top. The other two on the sides, with the candy cane at the bottom.

Decorative pieces

To glue these items, I put some glue at the base of the decoration and some on the wreath itself. I pushed the wire piece through the branches and berry garland for extra sturdiness and let the piece sit to let the glue dry (don’t be like me and burn yourself, watch your fingers while gluing). The original wires were a bit long, so I did cut them or you can also bend them and wrap them around the wreath to hide the ends. I removed the wire from the candy cane all together.

A Cozy Wreath: The Final Product

Here is the final result! If you want to make your own wreath, have fun picking out different pieces and remember to use coupons!

img_4071 img_4077

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