If My (Work) Goals Were Honest

September 19, 2016

If you work in any sort of corporate or office environment, you are most likely evaluated every year on a scale that measures your “success” for that year. And each new year, you have to come up with new objectives or goals. In my case, I have to come up with objectives that are somehow “measureable”. Recently, I’ve really struggled with wanting to be the conscientious, attentive person that I am, but pulling me the other way is my desire to do my job and go home. Not that I am minimizing the work I do. I work hard all year and I think anyone can relate that it’s hard to come up with goals for the year, when you know it will be boiled down to a number scale at the end of the year. I find it extremely difficult to aspire to a number scale. So what if I submitted my objectives honestly? Do I want to succeed? Obviously. Do I have goals? Of course I do. I care about my job and my career path. But measuring success in the workplace? What does that even mean?


So here are my goals… My honest ones:


Leave the house in the morning without having to turnaround because I forgot something

I lost count of how many times this has happened. I was once waiting on the train platform, train approaching, before I realized I forgot my work laptop. And I WILL turn around if I forgot my cell phone and/or headphones. It’s a little sad to admit that, but if you made my commute you would understand within a few minutes.

Drink my coffee before it gets cold

I have a bad habit of getting to work and immediately diving into my to do list and forgetting about my coffee. I no longer wish to do this. I want to take the time to enjoy it, damnit.


Pay attention on conference calls

With so many distractions on and off the screen, it’s so easy to drift off and zone out.


Make it to lunch without eating all my snacks

Or really, pack my own snacks to begin with. Timing is key. If I eat an afternoon snack too early, I end up getting snacks for the commute home, and all goes to hell.

Speaking of food…

Bring my lunch and eat it

It’s one thing to pack your lunch and bring it with you to the office. Its another thing entirely to actually commit to your meal and eat it. I can’t help it when someone brings in pad thai and it just smells so delicious.



Avoid the leftover snacks put out after meetings and/or birthday cake

So.much.office.cake. Please Staaahp.

Be comfortably dressed for the office climate

This is an ongoing battle that I am still trying to conquer. This will never not be a goal.


Learn to gracefully exit small talk –or– just master the Irish exit

Why is ending small talk conversations so difficult? Are there rules for this sort of thing?


Actually use the stand up feature at my desk

And not be a lazy piece of sh*t.

Sit at a real table when I work from home–not my bed

Working from home is an amazing and super convenient perk, but it can be seriously depressing when you don’t get dressed or brush your hair for 3 days. WHen I tell people I can work from home, most people think it is such a breeze. And it is. You don’t lose hours and patience commuting. But it takes just as much discipline to get yourself up and (somewhat) dressed so that you don’t feel like a bum.


Speak up about the work I do

This is more of a general life goal, but I think many can relate. Its difficult to talk about yourself and what you have accomplished without feeling like you are shoving it in everyone’s face. Maybe this is just my anxious tendencies, but I need to be more forthcoming and open about the value I know I bring to my role.


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