My Favorite Makeup Geek Eye Shadows

September 29, 2016

For the past eight months or so, I’ve been using eye shadows from a company called Makeup Geek. I was in the market for some new eye shadows and decided to give it a try after hearing about the brand from various videos (one of the results of jumping down the YouTube rabbit hole). No, this isn’t sponsored. I’m not that cool (yet). I just really love these products and want to share them with you. I love that this is a smaller brand that has utilized social media and an online community to spread the word and creativity. These products have certainly sparked more creativity for me when it comes to makeup without having to spend a ton of cash.

Makeup Geek, an online cosmetic and educational website, sells eye shadows in individual pans (sans bulky/expensive packaging), allowing you to really customize and build a collection with colors you really want. The pans come labeled and magnetized for the sake of organizing your own palette. I have to admit, this whole concept was completely new to me. I had no clue what a Z-palette was until I looked into purchasing individual pans. For your first order, I recommend purchasing a Z-palette–the bottom/inside of the palette is magnetized and these pans will pop right into it. You can find them here and on Amazon and the Makeup Geek website.

Z-palette with Makeup Geek eye shadows
Z-palette with Makeup Geek eye shadows

Before discovering Makeup Geek, I pretty much stuck to the same colors (which I still use!). I think the most adventurous shadow I purchased was a Too Faced smokey eye palette. Even then, I barely used the bolder shades. My go-to looks were (still are) light pink lid with a brown crease or lavender lid with dark purple crease. But Makeup Geek offers such a wide range of shades, which personally has pushed me to be a bit more adventurous and creative when doing my makeup.

My Favorites

I currently have one large Z-palette full of eyeshadow pans and I definitely have some favorites. By no means have I tried every single shade, but here are the shades I reach for the most from my collection and how I use them.

  • Wisteria (pale purple): This has become my go-to purple shade. Its light enough to go on the lid without being too bold but it will build up and you can use this as a layer in the crease as well.
  • Confection (blush pink) And Petal Pusher (medium rose): For me, these shades work well all over the lid or in the crease (individually or mixed)
  • Baby Face (very light brown): Of all the MUG shadows I have, I have used up the most on this one. It’s perfect for my lids as an all over base color and helps blend out other shadows I put on top of it. Its also great for the brow bone when you want to keep everything matte.
  • Peach Smoothie (light beige peach): I was nervous about this color but it looks great when blended into the crease as a transition shade. When using more brown or bronzy shades, it helps blend everything out without being too noticeable or too orange.
  • Cosmopolitan (rose gold with gold flecks): Once I realized this works best (for me) by applying with my finger onto my lid, I really started loving this shade. This was not a color I would normally gravitate toward but I have really grown to love it. Its creamy and just shimmery enough to give a bronzy kind of glow.
  • Poppy (orange): This shade was another one I was afraid to use, but really ended up loving. It looks super bright in the pan and it is pigmented but on my skin and lighter hand, it doesn’t show up super bright. It’s blendable and works great to brighten the crease/transition area. After seeing some photos on the Makeup Geek website, I started using this with purple shades on the lid–Something I never would have thought of before!
  • Bitten (deep maroon): I love this color to deepen the crease color or the outer corner, without being too harsh or as intense as black, for example. It goes with a number of other shades and I have used it with more purple looks and with more warm, brown-toned looks as well.
makeup geek
Makeup Geek Eyeshadows In Z-Palette

I also purchased the eye brush bundle ($49 for a set of seven) with my first order. I definitely get use out of all the brushes that came in the set and would recommend them to someone who is really trying to invest in more makeup tools but doesn’t know where to start.

Makeup Geek’s products are cruelty free and paraben free and in my experience so far great quality. Let me know what you decided to try or what you love already in the comments!

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