Stitch Fix #3 Review

April 5, 2016

After a delayed shipping/missing order mishap, I finally received my third Stitch Fix box! Spoiler alert: I only kept one item from this fix, but I still loved what my stylist picked out for me. Kelly styled me again, yay! In my note to her, I asked for colorful pieces I can layer for spring, a pencil skirt, and booties. If getting a box full of clothes picked out for you didn’t tempt you enough, Stitch Fix began carrying shoes recently, sooooo there’s that.

Even though I only kept one item, I really love Stitch Fix for the fact that someone else is picking out clothes for me. The pieces are things I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed myself in a store and even if I don’t buy them, it has still given me inspiration for what to look for when I do go shopping. It has really given me a better idea of what can look good on me. I also think what’s great about this service is that while you may not walk away with a huge clothing haul, you do get a chance to try different styles for relatively low risk and maybe add one or two pieces into rotation–which can really help vary up your outfit choices.

stitch fix 3 unboxed

Kelly definitely delivered on what I asked for and even sent me a skirt that I had pinned on my Pinterest board. This time around, it just came down to the fit and price of the items vs. how often I thought I would wear it. Here’s what I got:


Millie Textured Knit Dress by Pixely ($68.00)

Close up of the mesh detail around the neckline.

I couldn’t resist and peeked at my fix through the mobile app. I wasn’t too sure about this dress from the picture because I always felt as though this shape wasn’t ideal for my body type and would always avoided it. This dress is so soft and comfortable and the fit was just right. It’s not an empire waist, it cinches in around my natural waist and flairs out slightly. It’s not quite warm enough outside to wear it yet, but I know this will come in handy on warm days for work and it will make for an easy weekend outfit as well.


Sylvester Split Neck Blouse by Brixon Ivy ($54.00)


I already have a couple of tops in this color family (Hi, my favorite color is purple and Kelly totally nailed it there), but I wanted to try this on to see how it fit. I can’t say I disliked this top, but I wasn’t in love with it either. The material was a little scratchy and it was just a bit tight across my chest. For $54, I decided to pass on this one because my other tops that are similar are more comfortable.


Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse by Papermoon (design exclusively for Stitch Fix, $44.00)


This top is so pretty and would be great for spring. Its an off-white color and the fabric was light and soft, but the fit was too tight across my chest and in my arms. Because it was tight, the draped detail in the front just didn’t fall right and felt all bunched up. Also, since my skin is so fair, I tend to shy away from this color because I think it washes me out. I always try to wear white tops, but I always end up adding a different color cardigan on top.


June Polka Dot Skirt by Pixely ($58.00)


When I saw the photo of this pop up, I was SO excited because I pinned an outfit with this exact skirt. I love navy in the spring and summer and it is such a cute pattern. However, this was a size small and was just the slightest bit tight, not much, but too tight to keep it professional if I wanted to wear it to work. I was really disappointed that this didn’t fit because I really loved it, so in my feedback I said that for future fixes, if she has a size medium, I think it would be perfect.


Waypoint Laser Cut Bootie by Seychelles ($150.00)

stitch fix shoes

Again, Kelly gave me exactly what I asked for. The leather is soft and the shoes are really good quality. The sizing was perfect across the top of my feet (which was surprising because I have wide feet), but they were loose around my ankles and felt like they would slip off as I walked. For that price, I would want them to fit absolutely perfectly, so I think I will keep looking for something similar. If you like these booties, just know that the cut out detail is pretty low on your foot, so you will see any socks you are wearing (or, if you are like me and get cold easily, your feet might be cold if you don’t wear anything).


From my last fix, I had a $20 credit because of a sweater I received twice (so that went toward my styling fee)  and I also had a $25 referral credit. Since I only decided to keep the Pixely Knit Dress, the $20 styling fee and the $25 credit came off, bringing my total to just $23!


If you’d like to try it for yourself, remember to use my referral link!


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    Because Stitch Fix is awesome to bloggers, they let me try my first Fix risk-free by covering my $20 styling fee in exchange for this honest review.

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