Stitch Fix Review #2

February 20, 2016

Apparently, Stitch Fix unboxing videos are a thing on YouTube. If you have an hour or so to spare, just search Stitch Fix and see you next week (you’ve been warned: they’re addicting)!  After my first fix (here’s my review), I decided to do some more research and see what other people were getting. This then made me want to try again since I liked most of the items I received in my first fix and it’s just fun. Even if you only end up keeping one or two items, the stylists’ picks really help you start thinking outside your day-to-day wardrobe. Adding one piece into rotation can add a whole new feel to an outfit and transform how you think about what you’re wearing and your own personal fashion sense.

I was curious how it would go a second time and I was a little more specific in my note to my stylist. I addressed it to Kelly (my stylist last time) hoping I would get her again, and I did! I mean we have the same name–it’s totally meant to be. I told her I needed sweaters and a top to wear to an upcoming party. This time around, I also used the StitchFix app and was able to see what I was getting before it arrived, because well, I couldn’t resist.

I also took some advice from a blogger, check her out here, and I updated my Pinterest board. Stitch Fix also has their own tips and advice–it’s worth reading if you are unsure how to get started. If you’d like to sign up, here’s my referral link!



Here’s what I got:

Sinclaire Floral Print Button Up Blouse– Returned



This top is very similar to Express’ Portofino–which are some of my personal favorites–so I was excited to see this piece. However, while most of it fit perfectly, the upper arms were too tight. I like to move my arms around like a human, not a robot. So this went back.


Tawny Open Drape Cardigan–Returned


I pinned sweaters similar to this one and I loved the colors and the fabric. It was very cozy, but again, it was too tight on my upper arms. The draped front also made it very bulky in the center of my body. I really loved the design but it wasn’t exactly flattering on me.


Carr Cut Out Blouse–Kept


I would never gravitate toward this color when shopping on my own. I took this piece out of the box and immediately thought I would be sending it back, but I tried it on because if I have learned anything from this, is just try it on. Even though this color is a bit outside my comfort zone, I really liked how it looked on me and the fit was perfect. Winner!


Walworth Roll Sleeve Knit Top–Kept


Again, I would never really look twice at this color combination, but I tried it on and shape and design of this top isn’t anything I have seen anywhere else. The material is light and comfortable and I can wear it with so many different outfits. This was a keeper. I recently wore it with the Mavi skinny jeans from my last fix and a leather moto jacket from Express.


Analisa Twisted Seam Pull-Over Sweater– RD Style $68–Returned

This was pretty much identical to the RD Style sweater I received in my last fix (it was a slightly different design), so that was a little disappointing. I tried it on again anyway, but it still didn’t work out for me. It just wasn’t happening. Too short in front (kind of felt like Blossom or DJ, I just needed a floppy hat) and oddly shaped. I did inquire about this item since I had sent it back in my last fix, and Stitch Fix gave me a $20 credit back. I have since found similar styles that fit me well from Express and Loft–here and here.

I always give detailed feedback when I check out and state why I am returning each item. This will help your stylist in future fixes. For the items I returned this time, it wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t like the style, they just didn’t fit me that well.

Happy Fixing!



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