That Time I Met The Gilmore Girls Family

September 20, 2016

I have an amazing Gilmore Girls-related tale to tell. I have never committed this story to paper. Besides the friends I’ve told and one Facebook post, this has literally been a legend in my own mind. It’s also one of those stories that makes you say “Only in New York”.

All the news and excitement about the revival not only renewed my own love of the show, but also reminded me of my all time favorite New York and Gilmore moment wrapped into one neat package.

First, I’ll go back to my first Gilmore encounter in 2009, when Lauren Graham was in Guys & Dolls. My fiance got me tickets for my birthday and I was fortunate enough to see her outside afterward, I got her autograph and a sort of photo. My fiance was excited to meet Oliver Platt too. I never thought I would have an opportunity to meet any other cast members, until another show came along.

Then, in 2011, my mom saw a play with some girlfriends, “Love, Loss, And What I Wore.” She raved about it and told my sister and I that we would love it too. The show had a rotating cast, and up next were Nikki Blonski, Anita Gillette, Judy Gold, Pauletta Washington, and Alexis Bledel. Yes, Rory Gilmore in the flesh. So we purchased tickets for one of the cast’s first nights. It was one those extremely bitterly cold, windy nights. The theater was small and our seats were in I think the second row. So we sit down and start getting settled.

Only In New York

I don’t remember which one of us noticed first, but something made us look. Just behind my right shoulder, diagonally behind me was a man sitting down and chatting with someone seated in front of him. It’s Edward Herrmann. Richard Gilmore is here to see Rory!

We wondered who he was chatting with. The woman was sitting with her back to us. But then she turned around. WHAT???…. IT’S EMILY! Yes. Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann were in the audience to see Alexis. And they were sitting right in front of each other. Talking like old pals. BRB …losing our minds…

By the time we were able to pick our jaws up off the floor, the show was starting. Amazing by the way, if you ever get a chance to see a production of it. My sister and I nearly keeled over laughing when the characters started talking about their mothers. Pretty sure Nikki Blonsky heard us laughing.

After the show, we knew we wanted to wait outside for the cast. But we obviously also wanted to talk to Kelly and Ed. My mom was the badass in this story and was much more brave than I was, she approached Kelly first and Ed was standing right next to her. They were both extremely gracious and pleasant. I will be honest, most of the conversation was a blur to me but my mom did bring up a possible reunion. Kelly said they were bugging Amy Sherman Palladino and they just needed to get Alexis on board. They both signed my Playbill and went on their way. P.S. Kelly signed “To another Kelly” (EEEEE!). We later learned that America Ferrera was also in the audience that night, sitting next to Ed. All my TV, Broadway, Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants worlds collided!

gilmore girls


Meeting The Cast

Then we went outside to wait for the cast. We met all the women, including Alexis, and they were all excited to see everyone. We didn’t get any pictures with anyone this time around and it seemed like they were in a rush. However, we decided we needed to see the show again before this cast was done. The second time around, we met everyone again and took some pictures. So we are pretty much best friends now 🙂

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And there it is. My Gilmore moment/legend/epic, whatever you’d like to call it. Hope you enjoyed!



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    That was a TOP NIGHT!!!

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    Danielle Gaudesi

    I love that you love Gilmore Girls. It is such a great show! Therefore, as a PS- I’m jealous of this epic night.

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    Pat Rafferty

    Two weeks ago my granddaughter Catherine told me she had the complete set of The Gilmore Girls. She said “Grandma I think you will like it”. I started watching and now I’m hooked. What a great show! I’m trying to watch them all before November’s special. I love the whole cast! Catherine says the Grandmother, Emily, reminds her of me a little. I’m a little old fashioned and give her a lot of advice, lol! Anyhow. Wanted you to know I enjoyed your blog and it would be a dream come true to meet the cast!

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