We All Have A Paris: Growing Up With Gilmore Girls

November 25, 2016

I didn’t truly understand what I had in Gilmore Girls until it was gone.Now that it’s back, I’ve thought about what it has meant and still means to me as a loyal Gilmore fan and someone who has grown up alongside the characters. The show was fun, smart, quick, witty, and unique. Amy Sherman-Palladino somehow created a world that was so intriguing, so lovable, and so relatable. Looking back at what it meant to me as teenager, I realized the show has managed to transcend time and exist beyond any and all trends.

And for this, to Amy, I must thank you. I thank you on behalf of my teenage self and now as an adult at 28. Your characters helped me get through situations I felt were impossible to tackle. But also, in your characters, I saw people in my own life with new insight. As I rewatch the episodes now, these individuals, their situations, and their challenges still bring new lessons to me as an adult.  

When Gilmore Girls premiered in October 2000. I was 12 (wait, really??). This was the height of other shows like TRL, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sex And The City, just to name a few. For me, I think I fell in love with the Gilmore ladies because they stood out among the rest, even if I didn’t realize the extent of it at the time.

With quick-witted humor and intelligent dialogue, these women brought much more substance to TV than other characters. Rory was incredibly relatable. She made it okay to be a smart girl that liked school, but still struggled to figure herself out and find her way. I appreciate that she struggled at first to fit in at Chilton, that she struggled to keep up, and that she struggled to find a balance. She didn’t always come out on top, things didn’t always go her way.

Looking back, especially now, Rory was dressed and acted her age, sending a message that to be “normal” or “accepted” didn’t mean being and looking perfect or dressing beyond your years.

And the relationships. Not just the romantic ones. Lord knows we all have a Paris. Paris is everywhere and appears in every stage of life. High school, college, internship, job. There’s always one. Whether or not they actually end up being your friend (this didn’t happen in my case). Paris brought a way to understand these types better and how to handle their antics. My mom was the first to point this out to me. When I had to work with people that acted like her, that has always stuck with me and really helped me get through things I think all young girls face. The competitive or jealous girls at school, the overachiever at work. I just remind myself, there’s always a Paris.

This is only one small example. We all have a Jess (TEAM JESS), a Luke, a Sookie, a Taylor, a Miss Patty. The timelessness of these characters and these stories will always hold a special place in my heart and in my memories growing up, watching with my mom. Now that we are on the verge of a whole new Gilmore world, I cannot even contain my excitement! I have complete faith that the revival will maintain the integrity, the wit, and the intelligence of the original series.

I hope everyone has a had an amazing Thanksgiving and got the chance to “eat and eat, and eat and eat, and eat.”

Happy Watching to my fellow Gilmore fans. Copper Boom!

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