Getting Dressed In Winter = Struggle City

February 29, 2016

I truly admire all those people who manage to look super attractive during the winter months here in New York City. I tip my hat to you because winter here simply makes it extremely difficult to look like a put together human being.  Some days I’m going to be frump girl, I’ve accepted it. But there are times when winter here is just the worst (I would still rather be chilly than sweating, so let’s say almost the worst). Ruthless wind tunnels, black snow, and slush puddles–it becomes a hot mess.

Specifically, getting dressed and ready for my commute. My commute involves being both inside and outside multiple times. I start out waiting for the train (cold and breezy). From the train, I enter the ferry terminal (warm and sometimes sauna-like conditions) and then out onto the platform (cold and windy) and onto the ferry itself (warmish to sauna-like conditions but sometimes chilly depending on the day). When the ferry docks, I go back out into the elements and walk to my office building (freezing cold air and wind gusts).

A simple task like getting dressed would normally take, let’s say 5 minutes, takes about 25 during the winter.

The layers. So. many. layers.

On any normal day, I am a fan of layering anyway. But with the need to take wind chills into account, those layers are essential for survival. Tights under pants, camisole under blouse, the cardigan over the blouse. If that’s not thick enough, one more hoodie under the coat. Thick socks with heavy boots.

Then the coat.

They weren’t exaggerating in A Christmas Story. There comes a point when you really can’t put your arms down. But no one can hear you whimpering because of all the scarf layers covering your face.


That brings me to the outer layers.

Over the years, my scarves have gotten heavier and larger. Now I wear a full on blanket scarf and feel naked with anything else. I’m not much of a hat person, so I usually opt for ear muffs. But the inner portion is white faux fur material and are now permanently stained with foundation and blush. Cute.


RIP to all the pairs of gloves I’ve lost over the years.

When the wind is piercing cold and the air is dry, my eyes completely reject contact lenses. They start feeling more like razor blades. However, glasses combined with earmuffs, headphones, and a big fluffy scarf.  On days when I wear my glasses, I pretty much walk around blind because my lenses have fogged up. 

Luckily, on my regular commute, I don’t need to hop on the subway. I will admit that I have really become spoiled in this way. But I do understand how much more uncomfortable things get when you get on the subway after being outside (the worst being the walk to Bowling Green from Whitehall, in my opinion). You’re freezing cold and shivering, but as soon as those doors close, you’re sweating profusely inside a sweaty metal box with 100 other people also covered in 5 extra inches of clothing.

Stay warm in these last few weeks of winter! Embrace the frumpiness.

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